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Here is a list of several online projects I am or have been involved in, or have contributed to.

Project Description
Software Software packages Software packages I have written or am involved in
getGNULinux Bugfixes My contributions to bugfixes of other packages
Wikipedia Wikipedia Contributions to Wikipedia:  en  –  nl  –  de  –  media
KEN KEN The Knowledge Explosion Network (KEN), later, was a Dutch website where people's (scientific) questions were answered by “experts”. I rank first as answerer (376 – 9.6%) and second as ratifier (1973 – 15.3%).
Twisst Twisst Twitter service for ISS passes — co-developed Perl script to compute transit times and sky positions for different locations
Missie Maan Missie Maan Missie Maan – “Mission Moon” – a Dutch elementary-school project to observe the Moon from school: contributions to when, where and how the Moon can be observed
getGNULinux Contributed 66% to the Dutch translation; reviewed 34%

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