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Contributions to bugfixes

Here is a list of bugfixes in other people's (open-source) projects where my contribution seems to have contributed.

Date Project Description Fix?
2015-06-07 Intel Fortran compiler Issue DPD200371584: "Text exceeds right hand column allowed on line" warning with 132 characters Fixed for future release (2015-11-04)
2015-05-06 syslog-ng Issue 121: wrong timestamps in kernel logs v3.6.3
2013-12-20 PLplot Bug 136: plwidth() takes PLFLT, not PLINT as still documented v5.9.11
2012-11-16 gfortran Bug 55352: Erroneous gfortran warning of unused module variable when variable is only used in namelist v4.7.3/4.8.0
2012-10-07 Gentoo Linux Bug 437512: dev-lang/ifc/icc - sandbox violation in /opt/intel/ism 2013-01-23
2009-06-20 Doxygen Bug 523167: Fortran main program call & caller graphs v1.6.0

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